Thursday Dec. 15th

Hello English 9 students, I am currently in the middle of getting all your existing marks entered into “Check my mark.” Once this is completed I will be able to finish marking your submitted assignments. My hope is to have everything marked by your class on Thursday. This will allow students to catch up on any work they are missing during the Holidays. I do not encourage students to take on a bunch of homework over the holidays because you should be spending time relaxing, recovering and enjoying your time. That being said catching up can be a very refreshing feeling. I encourage you to do whatever it is feels right for you. Take care!

P.S don’t forget that your “Invitation to the Game” Assignment is due Thursday! 🙂

Ms. Vallee


Tuesday Dec 13th, 2016

Today in Science 8 we

  1. Finished 3.1 worksheet (It is due next class if you did not finish)
  2. Started our Lung Diagrams. We will be finishing these off next class (Thursday) so come prepared to finish. I am looking forward to seeing these! We will get them hung up in the Hallway right after Christmas!

See everyone Thursday!

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Advisory students, your good copies of your SMART goals are due on Wednesday. Please make sure you have them in the front of your binder and ready to show me at the start of class. It is so important for your success to keep the goals close to you. Remember to read them often! You can be successful at all of your goals as long as you keep at it.

Tuesday December 13th!

Tomorrow is your lucky day! We have been invited to view the Rehearsal of the HPMS Christmas concert. So at the beginning of class make sure you come ready to show me your rough draft of your ‘Invitation to the Game’ assignment. We will then promptly head down to theatre.

Hope everyone had a lovely snowy weekend!


The Human Body!

Today we started learning about the human body! The first part of the human body we will be exploring is the Respiratory System. If you were away please go to the “Class Materials” tab to watch the Bill Nye Video on Respiration. I will be uploading the stuff later on today.

If you were away…

  1. Watch Bill Nye Video
  2. Read Slide Notes on the Respiratory system
  3. Do work sheet on Respiration (You should be able to answer most of it based on the video and notes, the rest you can complete with the text book upon your return

I hope everyone is well and has a GREAT DAY!

Animal and Plant Cell

WARNING! Your plant and animal cell activity is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday Dec 7th. We are starting a new Unit on Body Systems Wednesday. I am very excited to be teaching this new unit with you! Think of this as a “fresh start” and remember to always do your best. 🙂

Ms. Vallee