S.M.A.R.T Goals

Advisory students, your good copies of your SMART goals are due on Wednesday. Please make sure you have them in the front of your binder and ready to show me at the start of class. It is so important for your success to keep the goals close to you. Remember to read them often! You can be successful at all of your goals as long as you keep at it.



Just a gentle reminder Advisory! There will be a binder check on Friday December 2nd! Get it organized. Also your questions and note pages for your Passion Project is Due Tuesday December 6th. Make sure you have your research done! Keep up all the hard word! I am seeing some amazing things!

Topic Due: Monday Nov. 28th!

On Monday the 28th, I will be coming around during our last half hour of class to check in on everyone’s topics. Everyone should have a topic decided and ready to research by Monday. If you need help or inspiration talk to me THIS WEEK! Things will start rolling pretty fast after this so KEEP UP! Keep your heads up you guys are doing awesome! I am beyond pleased with so many of your topics! It makes my heart incredibly happy to see what great, caring and smart people you are.


Dear Advisory Class

Today is the second day of our new term. We are starting to develop questions for our “Passion Projects.” I am beyond excited to help guide each and every one of you through this learning process. Learning how to learn through a passion is such a deep and powerful experience. Not everyone is deeply moved by the traditional subjects we are often exposed to in education, therefore I want to give you the opportunity to branch out! Find something that excites you, something that moves you, something that gets your blood flowing a little bit faster! I promise you, each of you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

Keep your heads up!

P.S parents & students, I will be using this blog to keep you up to date on important information to do with our class! So please check back often!