Cooking Food AND Growing Food?

I have recently started teaching Food studies and I have to say I LOVE IT. Have you ever started doing something that you had never considered an option and realized that everything in your life has basically led you right to that particular thing… Yup that’s me and Home Economics at this moment. Trust me when I say I still have a long way to go in the world of learning but I think I found my niche! That being said I have this love and interest for cooking, baking, canning… but also gardening. I have had this wild idea floating around for a few weeks now, what if I could find a way to integrate the two? Is it possible with tight school budgets and limited months of the school year? At this moment I do not know. I am hopeful that allowing students to grow food… then cook with it would be beneficial educationally, health wise and possibly even budget wise? ¬†Who knows! I am going to be working on researching this thought. I’ll keep you posted!