Poetry Cafe Assignment

Your Poetry Cafe assignment can be found under the “Poetry” menu. If you have any questions regarding this assignment please email me! lindsay.vallee@mpsd.ca



My poor English Students! Thank you for being so patient. I have never took so long to get things marked in my life. I am so sorry I have been ill so much this year already. That being said I am currently ALL CAUGHT UP! What is on Check My Mark is now up to date. Please get any work that you want to see reflected on your term 2 mark handed in ASAP!

Take care, remember to sleep and please ask for help if you need it!

Thursday Dec. 15th

Hello English 9 students, I am currently in the middle of getting all your existing marks entered into “Check my mark.” Once this is completed I will be able to finish marking your submitted assignments. My hope is to have everything marked by your class on Thursday. This will allow students to catch up on any work they are missing during the Holidays. I do not encourage students to take on a bunch of homework over the holidays because you should be spending time relaxing, recovering and enjoying your time. That being said catching up can be a very refreshing feeling. I encourage you to do whatever it is feels right for you. Take care!

P.S don’t forget that your “Invitation to the Game” Assignment is due Thursday! 🙂

Ms. Vallee

Tuesday December 13th!

Tomorrow is your lucky day! We have been invited to view the Rehearsal of the HPMS Christmas concert. So at the beginning of class make sure you come ready to show me your rough draft of your ‘Invitation to the Game’ assignment. We will then promptly head down to theatre.

Hope everyone had a lovely snowy weekend!


Poetry in Voice

Just a gentle reminder folks we are going to be reading out our poems next class. If you are someone who is feeling abnormally stressed about this please come see me! We can always work something out. Remember, don’t panic and remember to breath! I promise you will all do great!

Until next time 🙂


Hi everyone my name is Ms. Vallee. I am starting to teach a few new things this week! I will now be teaching 2 blocks of Science 8 and 1 block of English 9. I am very excited to meet and get to know each and everyone of you. I hope you find this sight and blog useful. I will be using this blog along with “Check my mark” to keep you and your family members as up to date on our progress as possible!

Over & Out 🙂