Hello Science 8 students! I hope you all had a restful break. I have managed to get laryngitis which means I have no voice. I am working on getting back to school asap! That being said I have caught up on all your marking. Check my mark is all up to date! I encourage you to catch up on anything you are missing for homework. As you know I don’t assign homework for this exact reason. Do yourself a favor and get caught up! Marks cut off for term two is fast approaching! Friday January 20th will be the last day to get anything handed in to me for term 2! Keep that in mind. That being said lets keep moving forward through our body systems unit! Good luck everyone and I hope to see you all soon!


Tuesday Dec 13th, 2016

Today in Science 8 we

  1. Finished 3.1 worksheet (It is due next class if you did not finish)
  2. Started our Lung Diagrams. We will be finishing these off next class (Thursday) so come prepared to finish. I am looking forward to seeing these! We will get them hung up in the Hallway right after Christmas!

See everyone Thursday!

The Human Body!

Today we started learning about the human body! The first part of the human body we will be exploring is the Respiratory System. If you were away please go to the “Class Materials” tab to watch the Bill Nye Video on Respiration. I will be uploading the stuff later on today.

If you were away…

  1. Watch Bill Nye Video
  2. Read Slide Notes on the Respiratory system
  3. Do work sheet on Respiration (You should be able to answer most of it based on the video and notes, the rest you can complete with the text book upon your return

I hope everyone is well and has a GREAT DAY!

Animal and Plant Cell

WARNING! Your plant and animal cell activity is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday Dec 7th. We are starting a new Unit on Body Systems Wednesday. I am very excited to be teaching this new unit with you! Think of this as a “fresh start” and remember to always do your best. 🙂

Ms. Vallee


Hi everyone my name is Ms. Vallee. I am starting to teach a few new things this week! I will now be teaching 2 blocks of Science 8 and 1 block of English 9. I am very excited to meet and get to know each and everyone of you. I hope you find this sight and blog useful. I will be using this blog along with “Check my mark” to keep you and your family members as up to date on our progress as possible!

Over & Out 🙂